Reality: A Sweeping New Vision of the Unity of Existence, Physical Reality, Information, Consciousness, Mind and Time

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Reality is a groundbreaking new work that presents an entirely new understanding of reality. Based solidly in modern physics, cognitive science, information theory and direct experience it provides convincing explanations for many of the greatest mysteries of existence. Direct, accessible, and to the point it reveals one new insight after another. It explains why spacetime is not a fixed background to events but emerges piecewise as separate spacetimes from the dimensional relationships generated by quantum events, and how this leads to the unification of quantum theory and general relativity and resolves all quantum paradoxes. It explains why nature is forced to act randomly at the quantum level when linking and aligning these individual space-times and how this is the source of all randomness and free will. It explains why we all travel through time at the speed of light but can never leave the present moment, why there is an arrow of time, and a present moment in which we all exist. It explains how there are two kinds of time, the time of the present moment and clock time, and why this means our universe is the surface of a 4-dimensional hypersphere with present time as its radial dimension and how we actually see all 4-dimensions, It demonstrates the physical world we think we live in is actually a simulation in our mind, and when we subtract everything mind adds to this simulation all that is left is an evolving information system that continually computes the current state of the universe, and this is the true fundamental structure of reality. It also explains the true nature of consciousness and how all the attributes of consciousness but one are actually those of reality itself. It also answers the most fundamental questions of why something rather than nothing exists, and why what exists is what exists. Finally it explains how the true fundamental nature of reality is actually being experienced in every moment of our lives and how we can realize that more deeply and completely. All and all a book impossible to ignore which is sure to have a lasting impact on the study of reality for years to come.

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