Where Are You Coming From?

  • Publish Date: 2006-07-26
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Orchid Land Publications

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This booklet (with icons on the inside front and back covers) covers a lot of ground, some of it not previously available in other publications. This is an apologetic for Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Outlined here are the paradigms which the three major forms of Christianity constructed out of Hebraic and Hellenistic religious ideas - as history and the evidence make clear.

    The major parameters that were available to Christians have been:
  • Hebraic mystericism (sacramentalism): Respect for the role of matter in religion - Incarnation, Resurrection, Mysteries (sacrament[al]s; but not graven images) in a spiritual religion.
  • Hebraic and (what ended the Western Middle Ages) Islamic juridicalism as a form of interpreting the matter of religion.
  • Hellenic Gnosticism, which rejected the role of matter and time in a spiritual religion.

How these elements combined to form the matter and form (interpretation) of the paradigms is laid out in tables that help the reader to gain a stereoptic perspective through comparing and contrasting the different positions.

Influencing Western theologians were North African legal scholars with a Semitic [Punic] heritage, above all Augustine; the Lombard Anselm; and the Islamic Aristotle of Arabic Cordova the greatest civilization the world had seen till then. The juridicalized Greek learning coming to the West from Cordova in Latin translations that ended the Germanic Dark Ages account for why the Western paradigms unavoidably diverged from the original Eastern paradigm and its ways of understanding the Bible and other writings.

Aspects of Orthodoxy that a person interested in Eastern Orthodox Christianity needs to know about the traditionalist form of Orthodox faith, worship, and practice are also mentioned.
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