HOW TO ACHIEVE IMMORTALITY: 100 Ways to Create Your Own Legacy for Future Generations

  • Publish Date: 2004-11-18
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Lloyd Silverman

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The quest to achieve Immortalityis a dream of most people. It motivates many to have children, write books,compose music, invent gadgets, accumulate wealth or excel in a mirage offields. Immortality or simply, to be remembered by future generations, is noteasy to achieve even in your family. Few people have met or know anything aboutall four grandparents. Fewer know much about their great grand grandparents orgreat great grandparents. This is certain: generations disappear in a blur ofnothingness...But by reading this book, and acting aggressively to becomeimmortal, you can achieve it within your family, your community and for a few,worldwide. It all depends on your desire. By reading this short book andcompleting as many of the 100 Propositions I set forth, you can achieveimmortality. And if you need help, contact my company Immortal SolutionsEnterprises. See the Appendix on how to reach us. So itsclear, the book does not advocate any way to some kind of physical immortality[though preserving one's DNA is an option], not immortality in a religious orphilosophical sense, but the real thing...being remembered by countlessgenerations. You can become an immortal.

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