Living on the Cheap

  • Publish Date: 2016-12-31
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Christine Westhead

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The first part of the book deals with living on a low income. It is filled with tips and advice about how to live well and save money on everything from cheap, nourishing meals to heating the home and hot water. How to work out how much the car is actually costing you and whether now might be a good time to move house. How to get your priorities right and work out what really is important to you and what you might be able to do without and still keep up a reasonable standard of living. How to prepare if you are coming up to retirement or you know you will soon be on a smaller income. There is section on learning the basics of baking. This is not a cookery section but is a very simple lesson in making pastry, biscuits and making a basic cake. Once you have those two recipes under your belt, there are many recipe ideas to help you cook for yourself instead of buying expensive processed food or meals. there is even a recipe for making cheap pet treats. The second part of the book deals with basic home economics and debt. Do you know how much you actually spend on living day to day? This book can show you how to work out all your household bills so you will never overspend again. There are blank forms for you to fill in that will help you work out where all your precious money actually goes. How to plan your budget and work out how much to put aside for your regular bills and work out how much you can spend on your shopping without going into debt. How to save money instead of buying on credit and how to work out how much extra you need to put by for a special purchase or treat. How to get out of debt. How to use a credit card properly and how to get rid of credit card debt for good. How to manage with a large credit card debt and how to work out a repayment plan to suit you. Even if your credit card debt is massive, this book will show you how to get that debt down for good. Even if your debt will take years to clear, you will feel better for ruling the debt, instead of the debt ruling you. What to do if you have serious debt problems. Once you have mastered the simple task of being in control of your money, your debts will shrink and you will feel in control of your life again. You don't have to follow all the tips and advice in this book if you don't want to, but even if you just follow a few, you will easily recoup the price of this book and you never know, you may change your whole lifestyle as well.

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